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HOPE - final sem 1 essay ..

i was sitting for my final examnation[english] on last 21st may . tis is ma essay dat ive wrote for my paper 1 on secti0n b . juz read n leave ur c0mmnt oke ,

Now , I am sitting in Form Five and I need to arrange a g0od schedule for a chapter to f0cus on . I will start my every single day by making a wish and hope . A piece of paper with H-0-P-E letters is on my table and I will read it before the class start . Once I sit on my hard chair , my mind keep thinking on something . The incident that happen in my life keep playing in my mind .

It was a trying period . Things at hope were getting from bad to worse . Dad's alcoh0lism had become worse especially after his retrenchment . Mum was always temperamental as she c0uld not make ends with her meagre income as a factory operator . My grades at sch0ol kept falling .

I dreaded coming home after scho0l . Dad w0uld come home late and sh0ut abuses at mum . After je fell asleep , I would hear Mum's stifled sobs . I c0uld do nothing to ease the situation at home and this realization caused me a great deal of anguish and frustration .

It was at that point Mrs Justin entered my life . A soft-spoken woman in her late forties , sha was my class teacher . An alert woman , she quick to notice the change that had came over me . One day , during recess , I was standing alone in one corner of the canteen when Mrs Justin spotted me . She gestured for me to foll0w her . We headed for the library where she beckoned me to take a seat next to her . I sat with my head bent . ' Helen ' , she called . I lifted my head and lo0ked at her . I saw the warmth , the love and c0mpassi0n in her l0vely eyes . Tears welled up in my eyes and I tried my best to hold them back . However , I could not They started flowing down my cheeks . She held my hand and waited . When I had finished , she asked if I wanted to confide in her and tell her my problem . I told her , She listened intently with patience of a saint . At the end of my story , she gave me a lesson on life and its ups and downs . As I heard her talk , my admiration for this woman grew . My perception changed . Before this meeting , I felt I was nonentity . As the meeting progressed , I felt different . I knew Mrs Justin cared for me .

On the days followed , Mrs Justin made it a point to discuss my work at sch0ol . For the first time in that year , I felt I was worthy of being loved . The end-of-year examination approached . Two weeks after the exam , Mrs Justin announced to the class that I was the top student in the class . As I lo0ked at her , I felt a sudden surge of a happiness . It was the happiest day in my life .

'B0om' ! Christine dr0pped her bottle on mt table . She make me shocked . "Helen , do yo enjoying your day dreaming ? I called you many times but you still kept your eyes on your beloved 'HOPE' paper . "Christine said f0llowed by her biggest laugh ever . I am not making a joke but I am making a hope ! I hope that I can repay back her g0od deeds by the best result in my SPM and the biggest hope is , I want my family back to mirmal ! "God , please let my hope comes true ! " .

total marks : 39/50 .

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