Ahad, Jun 06, 2010

holiday ? or , bad day ?

assalamualaikum pmbuka selera mmbaca . slamat melahap ayt2 blog ni eh ! haha . dkesempatan ni , i'd like 2 say thnk u for those whu intrsted to be a part my fans [capub prasan2 je . bule kan ,] haha .

kepada calon-calon yg bakal mnduduki kerusi panas pilihan jawapan utk soalan-soalan pra-percubaan naek cuti yg dinanti-nantikan ni , sila perhatikan gmba rajah dibawah dgn pnuh teliti tnpa mlibatkan hawa nafsu yg mendalam ! :D

berdasarkan gmbar rajah ,

aim :
to study d relationship btween holiday(s) n d nmber of b0ok(s) ,
hypothesis :
d longer d holiday(s) , d higher d nmber or b0oks .
inference :
d nmber of b0oks is depend on d holiday (from when until when . ex : 2weeks ,)
variables :
manipulated : holiday hour .
responding : number of b0ok(s) / homework !
fixed : percentage of stressed !
material & apparatus :
student , b0oks , stationary , every single day , calender , planner
procedure :
  1. ask teacher or principal for a holiday or , scho0l break .
  2. ready ur bag with sch0ol stuff !
  3. lending y0ur ears for a talk from ur teachers . all the talk and assgment is recorded by using a pen .
  4. mark the calendar and state each of ur single day for your holiday with a homework given . the hw is stated properly & systematicly .
  5. do d homewrk + assgnmnt patiently .
  6. all of d asngmnt is sent immediately after u reach the staffr0om's d0or on your first day after the holiday !
analysed data:
[no graph paper] number of b0oks is directly proporti0nal or , directly increase to the holidays hour !
conclusion :
d longer t holiday(s) , d higher d nmber of b0oks with h0mew0rks ! the hyp0thesis is accepted .

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