Isnin, Jun 28, 2010

ubatt lagi ? WBC 1.9

salam . bkn na mnx smpati . cume skdr nk mncoretkn memori . memori ke ? or , tragedi ? haha. enta la . mei lepas da demam . rbu mggu lps dmm lagi . ayoo . nk dkt spm ni laaa sibok a demam2 . aish . kecik2 dlu tamaw dmm plak . demam uh pns ke ? nta la . dorg ckp pns . ak pn , ckp la , "ye , mmg pns pon" . pas pns da kebah , pening nek mndadak . xthn hbis . pg2 bgun , air sungai mngalir deras [air mte suda laaa .] x tkontrol oh . then , esoknye(klmarin) pgy kecemasan . ck drh , WBC krg . dpt mc sminggu .

balek kl . dlm bas , ade mamat (muke mcm agk brumor) naek dr sg siput . dorg 3 org stu geng . sume laki , sume duk blkg skli . stu row ngn ak . kre ak sorg jela pmpuan . sebok intrview mcm2 .ingt ak neh nenek ko ke yg ko na tny psl salasilah kluarge . aish . sebok btol . "awk , umo bpe ?" hayya , tny plak . ak form 5 la sengall . "oh , beza sthun je ."WHUTTT ? bwza sthun je ? sumpa ta pecaya . da la ak tga pening . org twe ni wt lwk plak . misai tak bcuko lak uh , geli btul . then , siapp tnjuk kad mtrix mse dye blja kt akademi polis dlu . IC thun 92 la knun2 nye. ps2 , mnx nmbo la tu la . eh pkcik , nk nmbo pgy la crik kt kdai topup . hampeh tul "um , xde hp . ni adek pny ."amek kaw . ak kasi hrga tmahal kt dunia .then , dgn gaye glabahnye dye & dgn gaye mls nk lyn nye ak , dye ksi name kad dye kat ak . gile r mamat ni . gile glabah . nk smpi kl , bru dye knun2 thu yg ak ta bp na sehadd . dye ksi plak cramah free . da lme ak diam , ak smbung "hbis tu , mrokok uh cne plak ? kn ke tak mghrgai ksihatan yg Allah bg ?"pianggg . tkena tmprn mnikam hti & snubari bliau . trus diam ! pdm mke ko.da . mls na cite psl mamat gatal tu .

smalam , pegi spital An-Nur . mle2 na amek drh . tup2 , da tmakan . na wt cne kn . so now , ta thu na amek drh ble . tu la , spe suh ta warn ak awl2 . kn ak da mkn dlu . haha . um , doc amek dara ak skit je . WBC ak 1.9 drpd 4.0/12.0 . sbb uh sng saket . bak kte doc uh r . DOC BIBAH :D dye pny cakap , pehh . . . mcm iklan rdsect . 'xbg pluang !' hahaha . ak nk celah skit je dye truskan bckp lg . mmg xbg pluang kt ak la . xpe la doc . thnx ats cramah pcuma doc tu . sye hmpir sihat tdh tlinge dgr ckp doc .

tu je nk cite . xlrt nk blame . addmath kne wat . saket saket gk , trial nk dekat . kan ckgu hasniza kan , :D salam .

Jumaat, Jun 18, 2010

buadd tatapan si mate duitan :D

salam . sprti yg korg tgok kt bwh ni , ak sertakn duet2 yg da mnjdi sejara dlm ngare kte . spe yg ade duit2 mcm yg kt bwh ni , bule laa sumbgkan kat ak . ade untung , ak gk kaye ! haha . btw , ni sume koleksi abah ak [raja balakong :D:D:D] (pndi pndi je) sape yg da plan nk rompak uma ak mlm ni , kol ak siap siap oke , t bule ak preparekn duet2 ni utk korg :D so , klian djemput utk mnatap duit2 yg mgkin korg ta spt na pgg or tgok . .

da puas tgok ? sape nak , ksi alamat . ak pos [pnyepak] kt korg . oke ? haha . salam ,

Khamis, Jun 17, 2010

library KL to KLCC .

salam . hey , it was yesterday ! we [aimi , zura , dayang , zati , syahira , mah] went to library KL . it was my first time being there . aftr we had perform our zohor , we moved to KLCC && yes , it ws also my first time hngging ther wth my few frends .before , we jst planned to discussing at d mosque near to TIMES SQUARE . think bout it bck , oh . no way , thers no tbles& chairs for us to sit on . so , we prefer to be at library . so , lets start our story by rciting basmalah .

okie ,
1st place we headed for is , LIBRARY KL . the aim is , to dscussing . maybe , gossip-ing . haha . i dunno . um , im d 1st who arrived ther . 10.30am smthing . i walked from ktm KL to Pasar Tani or knownly as , CM . actlly , it was a bit trouble to be ther ,

"oh my god , wher am i rite nw ? SESAT ke ? ahh . . tidakk ." then , walk walk walk . . . + asking asking asking , "excuse me , may i knoe wher is CM ?" sume cakap , "u jst walk straight n dun belok2 ." ahh , ingt kt c2 ade CM je ke ? helo , thers a lot of big building ok . . ! i cant differ em la . ayyo . im still with my light lips asking to peeps . she is from . . . philipine ? [oh god . i dunno hw to spel it . uhh .] hw cn i asking her . she is nt malaysian . haha . apelaa ak ni . yes , its d time for me to practice my english . she is searching for Pasar Besar ? kt mane tu ? haha . blurr , "sory miss , it is my 1st time here . " UKW ? she guide me for a CM . haha . malunyee . tourist yg guide ! OMG . what happen ? haha :D smpai sane , wiat fr Dayang at LRT sttion . then , we walked 2gther to CM la .

kriuk kriuk . aish , tummy wth rock sounds ! haha . hungriest taw . thnk god , i bought a Nasi Lemak from macikk yg jual kt depan uma tu . [p/s : tips to sve money . bring fo0d && water from ur castle .] Dyg buy a waffle , i tot . mkn senyap2 . tanak plawe la tu :D then , along n angah arrived & trus ddk kt krusi yg tde org tu ! :D malu + segann jugak sbb , mkn nasi lemak je kut . a few minutes [a long time actlly ,] later , zura plak smpai . we walked along d dark street . aha . xlaa . actlly , d boisterousted street . finally , SAMPAI JUGAK !

then , zati kol suro amik dye . amboi , byk cntek mke dye . dtg lmbt na kte jmput plak ? wekk . .we asked her to wait fr shera n mah ! then , we strt our event ! haha . gilee btol . afta zohor , we pack our stuff & work our plan . a journey to KLCC ! haha . tawaf tawaf , pkul 4 balekk . i ran as fast as i can to get into d mini bus . tmbang is paid . find for a place to sit . oh , no place . xkn nak bsila . pusing pusing , thers a place bside pak cik bangla . Ya Allah , brkatilah pendudukan ku ni . I sat with a big spaces btwin us ! haha . seram ak nk dduk dkt ngn dye . then , kasi mkcik dduk kt situ . almklum la , im d youngest kan . so , hormat la org tua . da bgun tu , ade mkcik kasi dduk sbela dye plak .

oh , GAY ke dorg tu ? ive no idea . da la dduk dpn ak . pelok pelok sndar sndar . oh , best bangla c0up of d year kut . yes . tht d best words to dscrib their relationship . hahaha . then , i stand to give a place to makcik yg penat bdiri . tak pasal2 plak driver bus stop . ingt ak nk trun situ ke ? sebbyek la da nk smpi . dgn rse na cover mlu , i get out from d bus && walked home . nt as far as u tink . it jst tke a few mnt to reach d gate ! &&& , "Assalamualaikum , i'm home !"

"kak ngahhhhhhhh !!" kiki screamed out ! haha . apela . mcm org gile . "k.ngah , kiki dcide to stay ovrnite here 4 a few days . k.ngah suke tak kiki tido uma k.nga ?" kiki , d 6 years little boy asking ! haha . tido jela kiki .

an hour later , ibu n abah was ready to go to abah's friend's house . who just passed away on d same day . Al-Fatihah utk Allahyarhamah . so , dats all my story . hve a nce holiday ! salam

Selasa, Jun 08, 2010

HOPE - final sem 1 essay ..

i was sitting for my final examnation[english] on last 21st may . tis is ma essay dat ive wrote for my paper 1 on secti0n b . juz read n leave ur c0mmnt oke ,

Now , I am sitting in Form Five and I need to arrange a g0od schedule for a chapter to f0cus on . I will start my every single day by making a wish and hope . A piece of paper with H-0-P-E letters is on my table and I will read it before the class start . Once I sit on my hard chair , my mind keep thinking on something . The incident that happen in my life keep playing in my mind .

It was a trying period . Things at hope were getting from bad to worse . Dad's alcoh0lism had become worse especially after his retrenchment . Mum was always temperamental as she c0uld not make ends with her meagre income as a factory operator . My grades at sch0ol kept falling .

I dreaded coming home after scho0l . Dad w0uld come home late and sh0ut abuses at mum . After je fell asleep , I would hear Mum's stifled sobs . I c0uld do nothing to ease the situation at home and this realization caused me a great deal of anguish and frustration .

It was at that point Mrs Justin entered my life . A soft-spoken woman in her late forties , sha was my class teacher . An alert woman , she quick to notice the change that had came over me . One day , during recess , I was standing alone in one corner of the canteen when Mrs Justin spotted me . She gestured for me to foll0w her . We headed for the library where she beckoned me to take a seat next to her . I sat with my head bent . ' Helen ' , she called . I lifted my head and lo0ked at her . I saw the warmth , the love and c0mpassi0n in her l0vely eyes . Tears welled up in my eyes and I tried my best to hold them back . However , I could not They started flowing down my cheeks . She held my hand and waited . When I had finished , she asked if I wanted to confide in her and tell her my problem . I told her , She listened intently with patience of a saint . At the end of my story , she gave me a lesson on life and its ups and downs . As I heard her talk , my admiration for this woman grew . My perception changed . Before this meeting , I felt I was nonentity . As the meeting progressed , I felt different . I knew Mrs Justin cared for me .

On the days followed , Mrs Justin made it a point to discuss my work at sch0ol . For the first time in that year , I felt I was worthy of being loved . The end-of-year examination approached . Two weeks after the exam , Mrs Justin announced to the class that I was the top student in the class . As I lo0ked at her , I felt a sudden surge of a happiness . It was the happiest day in my life .

'B0om' ! Christine dr0pped her bottle on mt table . She make me shocked . "Helen , do yo enjoying your day dreaming ? I called you many times but you still kept your eyes on your beloved 'HOPE' paper . "Christine said f0llowed by her biggest laugh ever . I am not making a joke but I am making a hope ! I hope that I can repay back her g0od deeds by the best result in my SPM and the biggest hope is , I want my family back to mirmal ! "God , please let my hope comes true ! " .

total marks : 39/50 .

Isnin, Jun 07, 2010

shala , adif . . . HILANGG ? ? ? ?

KUALA LUMPUR - 7JUN2010 , Sekumpulan kanak-kanak yg dikenali sebagai Izzal , Zikry , Aqilah , Annis dan Hadif masing-masing berusia antara 3 hingga 10 tahun telah bermain kejar2 dari tingkat tujuh banggunan Pangsapuri Seri Malaysia di sini malam tadi . Saksi aksi kejar mengejar yang hanya ingin sebagai Kak Ngah yakni saya sendiri sedang melepak bersama kawan lama di aras 6 . Saksi berkata , dia telah mrngarah kan budak-budak tu untuk main di tingkat atas . Tapi , tak sangka pulak budak-budak itu terlebih "advance" sehingga mereka naik hingga ke tingkat ke 11 (rasanye .) mungkin , mereka tersalah tafsir kata-kata yg disampaikan oleh saksi tadi .
Saksi kemudian mengikut saksi kedua pergi ke rumah maksu nye untuk meng"ONLINE" myspace sekejap . Beberapa detik kemudian , saksi menerima panggilan daripada abahnya . "Iya , adek-adek ade dgn kamu ke ? ish , balek cepat . adek2 kamu hilang tu ! semua tengah cari diorang !" kata abah saksi kepada saksi itu sendiri . Saksi p0n mngambil keputusan utk balik ke rumah neneknya .Dalam perjalanan pulang , Annis merintih kesedihan sambil berkata , "emak , mane emak annis . emak , nak emak ." . Insiden sedih itu disaksikan oleh keluarga mangsa (saya juge turut serta menyaksikan) serta orang kampung yang menjumpai kanak-kanak tersebut di tingkat berapa pun saye tak tahu .
Orang kampung yang jumpa Annis dan Hadif menceritakan saat-saat mereka pening kepala mencari pintu rumah pemilik kepada kanak-kanak tadi . "Rumah kita tak guna lif ni la . rumah kita gune lif sane !", "Ni bukan rumah kita !", Kata Hadif kepada mak cik-mak cik yang teman diorang mengecam pintu rumah . "Shuu , diam diam , jangan nangis dah !" kata Hadif kepada Annis sambil memegang erat tangan adik sedaranya itu .
p/s : Tragedi ini tidak bermula dari atas dan tidak berakhir disini . sedikit cerita telah dipotong kerana abah korg xbayar pon petikan akhbar ini . :D jadi , jgn marah laa kalau kisah ini dicerita kan dengan tidak "full version" . hehe .
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY SHALA (annis suhaila) !

Ahad, Jun 06, 2010

holiday ? or , bad day ?

assalamualaikum pmbuka selera mmbaca . slamat melahap ayt2 blog ni eh ! haha . dkesempatan ni , i'd like 2 say thnk u for those whu intrsted to be a part my fans [capub prasan2 je . bule kan ,] haha .

kepada calon-calon yg bakal mnduduki kerusi panas pilihan jawapan utk soalan-soalan pra-percubaan naek cuti yg dinanti-nantikan ni , sila perhatikan gmba rajah dibawah dgn pnuh teliti tnpa mlibatkan hawa nafsu yg mendalam ! :D

berdasarkan gmbar rajah ,

aim :
to study d relationship btween holiday(s) n d nmber of b0ok(s) ,
hypothesis :
d longer d holiday(s) , d higher d nmber or b0oks .
inference :
d nmber of b0oks is depend on d holiday (from when until when . ex : 2weeks ,)
variables :
manipulated : holiday hour .
responding : number of b0ok(s) / homework !
fixed : percentage of stressed !
material & apparatus :
student , b0oks , stationary , every single day , calender , planner
procedure :
  1. ask teacher or principal for a holiday or , scho0l break .
  2. ready ur bag with sch0ol stuff !
  3. lending y0ur ears for a talk from ur teachers . all the talk and assgment is recorded by using a pen .
  4. mark the calendar and state each of ur single day for your holiday with a homework given . the hw is stated properly & systematicly .
  5. do d homewrk + assgnmnt patiently .
  6. all of d asngmnt is sent immediately after u reach the staffr0om's d0or on your first day after the holiday !
analysed data:
[no graph paper] number of b0oks is directly proporti0nal or , directly increase to the holidays hour !
conclusion :
d longer t holiday(s) , d higher d nmber of b0oks with h0mew0rks ! the hyp0thesis is accepted .