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essays 3in1 . FAFA , AMY , FIT

salam . kpd FAFA , AMY & FIT ! ak xpuas edit korg pny essay g . p , sbb jnji pny psl . ak post r korg pny essay yg xbp byk yg trubah ! haha . sori kawang . lau korg btul2 truje utk mmiliki essay yg thebadd dri ak , ak suggest korg utk kmpul dana buat ak yg ksempitan kamus wokey ! haha . (gelak zalim ,)
wokeyh , slamat mengKOPI & mngINGAT serta mnmbah baek kn essay korg ni wok !

Getting up at the crack of dawn , my mind went blank . The only thing I could remember is yesterday . Yesterday , the red-letter day we had fun together by watching a lame movie entitled 'Star' with Nina and Lily , touch on boys and girls and the words that she told me , "The star that I will be , Mary ."
I am Mary and I have best ally . Who always be my side since I was six years old . She was a gem of a character with a heart of gold and she is Helen . Helen , who I will laugh the loudest with , who I share my hiccups with and knows I penchant for chocolate than vanilla . The person is now , succumbed to terminal illness .
Yesterday , I was a scatter-brain . If I heard what she tried to tell me everything all this while and if I knew that she will be dead ! I am sorry , Helen .
We hanging out for a movie entitled 'Star' that was chosen by Helen . At first , I do not want no join them as I want to gallop through my homework . Helen then told me that it will be both monotonous and boring by staying at home just as the saying goes , "All work and no plays makes Jake a dull boy" . I joined them .
Helen , beside me , just sat still while watching the movie . I wonder why she seemed different .
At the wind up of the movie , we went out to around the corner amusement park . The sounds from the park filled air and I am thinking to ride on the moving cups . Out of the blue , I feel someone hold my hand decisively . Helen .
"Mary , may I ask you for something ?"
"Sure , what is it , sister ?"
"When I wither away , avow me not to cry . Pray for me and just live by thinking nothing had happened between us . Can you ?"
I startled for a while . Instead of that , I burst out laughing . Helen smiled and she knew that I am not buying her words .
"What , you are just pulling your leg , right . Get over it , Helen . I know you ." I knew she was in famous with her drama queen act . Always make a joke for her boyfriends , marriage , friends and now , death ? But , Helen still smiled .
"The star that I will be , Mary"
We made a beeline for abode at the stroke of midnight and I have to take a breather for a few 'hours' as I felt tired .
Early in this morning , Mom kept knocking vividly on the door . Forcing me to wake up quickly . It was weird . With lightning speed , I put on a new change of clothes and went downstairs . I feel something bad will happened today . I saw Aunt Mathilde , Helen's mom was sitting on the couch . I met her and saw her almond-shaped eyes looks puffy . She also do not able to form a sound for a while . She took my hand , and dropped a bomb shell . I was stunted for a moment .
Helen is dying .
My best ally Helen is gone .
I hugged Aunt Mathilde . My tears rolled down on my dimpled cheeks . My heart was numb . I am crying in the car while on the way to the hospital . I am crying to see a sweet smile from Helen . She was laden on the bed . She smelled of medicines and doctors . She smelled like burned candle . She smelled like goodbye .
My mind went blank suddenly . When the brain had registered my mind , I am able to stand still . She whispered in my ears ,
"Avow me not to cry . Pray for me . Go on with your life as there is nothing happened today . And remember , gazing at the sky to see the brightest of all . I love you , sister" . I hugged her .
Aunt Mathilde told me that she was diagnosed for a brain cancer . They found out too late and Helen does not want to go for the treatment . The doctor also told them that there was no hope left . She fainted last night on the front of the door . Numb and pale .
Now , I can keep on moving with my new life . I am twenty-three now . I am a Harvard graduate and I will start my internship in Law organization this year . But for all the years since Helen passed away , whoever I met or socialize with , there is no one who can replace her . Helen , she is different .
And for the last moment before I went to sleep , I gazed up to the sky . I say a myriad of stars twinkling . And I saw , Helen . She leave a lot of foot points in my heart sand the sand of time because she is the brightest of all and this star will vividly sticks in my mind .

It started as a beautiful morning , mum told me that she wanted to buy me some clothes for Hari Raya Aidilfitri at Mid Valley Mega Mall which situated near our house . I was so excited and zestful because shopping is my hobby . Born with a silver spoon in my mouth , I was always had an easy life - a life most would have killed to get . My parents will fork out a few hundred dollars in my bank account every month with my parents' trust fund for me , I knew I was set for life !
When my mum brought me to the mall , I could feel my knees started to buckle and was shiver with delight when I saw the clothes . Donna Karen , Guess ? , Calvin Klein - I loved them all ! The icing on the cake was that I could afford not one set of clothes but all the clothes I ever wanted . My mum left me with a credit card because she wanted to go elsewhere as usual , bustling with life with her business . I continued my shopping alone . I entered one store and came out with another several bags , then entered another . By the end of my shopping spree , both my personal assistant and chauffeur would be laden down with bags .
Shopping for clothes was life to me . I think this was probably because I judged people by the way they looked , so I knew I was being judged by the what I looked .Therefore , it was only necessary that I looked my best !After the shopping spree , I happened to be walking down Acor Street . I had never walked down this particular street before so it was weird that I had chosed to walk down this street on this particular day . As I was gaily trotting down the street with my precious clothes in the shopping bags , it began to rain . I started cursing silently . Of all days ! My personal assistant and my chauffeur was nowhere to be seen . Worst of all , my new Prada heels were getting wet ! I rushed for shelter and stopped under a rude tarp roof . Not exactly a choice place to find shelter in but it was the best I could find .
It was then I noticed I was not alone . An old, haggard looking beggar woman was under the tarp carrying a little baby in her arms . I shivered , not due to the cold but because I was disgusted . The beggar woman was wearing rags and had a few days old and I saw rotting teeth under those parched , dry lips . I willed the bountiful skyjuice stop but it just started pouring even harder . I could not even bear to look at her again . A wave of nausea swept over me . I wanted to puke .
As I was calling my chauffeur on my cellphone , I heard the beggar woman say something . "Spare some change ?" , she asked me . Again I felt a shock of of repulse surge through me . I ignored her . "Spare some charge?" she asked me again , a little bit louder this time . I willed myself to look at her and took a few deep breaths . I had no coins or money on me as I used only my credit when I went shopping . Besides , I never give my money to beggars . I thought them filthy , useless creatures with no sense of pride . It was not in my nature to give out money to such people .
However , I was probably going to be here for quite a while , since the rain did not look as if it would not stop anytime soon . I thought it best to appease her and took out the cheapest I could find , which happened to be a two hundred dollar blouse , and dropped it into her lap . The baby in her lap gurgled and coced as he felt the rich , silky texture of the blouse . He giggled softly to himself and hugged the blouse close . His eyes sparkled with such radient intensity that I had never seen before . His joy at holding such a simple object was to me one of surprise . The beggar woman wrapped the blouse around her infant . The little baby then looked at me and smiled . A toothless grin which was one of pure happiness .
I put down all my shopping bags and took out my business card . I told her to call me when she needed help . I looked at the little baby one last time before stepping out into the rain . Water ran down my heart-shaped face , tears mixed with clear rain . I had given the beggar woman a simple blouse , and even that was a gift given insincerely . Her little baby had in return given me a priceless gift - a genuine smile . That the little baby broke my heart . He crushed it when he gave me that smile and in doing so presented me with another gift - the ability to feel once again .

As I walked to school , I had the feeling that I was being followed as I passed by the old abandoned house at the corner of my housing estate . It was unusually the sun climbed higher in the sky . Dry day . The sun's rays were burning my skin . My school uniform stuck to the clummy sweat on my back . Sweat glistened on my forehead and was running down my back .
My house was just two streets away . I crooked my head and continued to plod along . In the relentless heat , my feet seemed to drag . I t was then that the feeling came over very strongly that I was being followed . Was I being stalked ? A chill went down my spine . . What if the person behind me was some psychotic killer ?
All sorts of fancies filled my head . Suddenly , half-remembered newspaper stories propped up in my head . Completely unwanted n unwelcome . I remembered the stories of schoolgirls who had abducted and some had been murdered . These were the wrong things to think about for their set my heart racing with totally have cold feet . I tried to pushed the thought back into the darkest corner of my mind .
There were goose bumps on my skin now and my feet seemed to drag ever so slowly . For the first time , I wished I had not quarreled with my pesky twin brother . We usually walked home hand in hand after school and kept each other company along the lonely stretch of road home . However , the day before , we ha quarreled bitterly . I could not even remember vividly why we turn a blink to each other and so after school . I had simply refused to wait for him . Instead , I had set off by myself and now I was regretting if with all my heart .
I could hear the tramp of feet behind me to stop and then quicken . The maniac , I thought . He was trying to make me frightened . I was too . I was petrified my hands turned cold and clammy despite the heat . I began to pray , “Oh God , I am on thin ice . You have to save me ! I do not want to become a victim of some maniac ” .
My life flashed across my almond eyes . I wished I had helped my mother at home and spent more time with my father . I wished I had bought that wonderful pair of pinky dress that I now obviously would never wear . I wished with all my heart that I had not quarreled with my brother . I love them all very much .
By this time , my feet were slowing down and a hard flows of tears were rushing down my heart-shaped face . My heart was choking with fear . I was at one’s wits end . I could see the next day’s headlines , schoolgirl murdered by unknown killer on her way home . I tried to simmer down myself . I nearly jumped out of my skin when there was a hand touched my shoulder . Panicking I screamed deafening “Please not to kill me ! ! I want to live . ” I turned around , ready to hit whoever it was with my heavy , hard schoolbag .
My pesky brother stood there , biting his lips , trying very hard not to laugh . The beast ! I hit him with my bag . He tended it off , threw his back and laughed out loud . Then , I hugged him hard . I was utterly relieved . He was nice . He avowed me to hush up from anyone that I screamed and wept .
He did not keep his promise . He rundown myself to the family , the neighbors and even all our school members . The awful beast . No wonder I was always quarreling with him .

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