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english trial que - A Gift For My Teacher

salam . hey , alhmdllh . d trial spm examinations aprroached since last 23rd august 2010 . n , thanks God for giving me an A's 4my english ppr eventhough my englsh ws nt so g0od . haha . usaha tgga kjayaan kan . alhmdllh :D

so , im glad to share my essay for those who intrested to read wokeh :D

section B : Continuous writing
question 3 : A Gift For My Teacher

It was a bright and sunny morning . The birds were chirping merrily on the window sill and the palm trees outside bristled as a light , soft breeze fluttered by . A whiff of the delicious , sizzling mee on the stove invoked my nostrils . "Mrs Idza" . My minds kept thinking about her . How kind she was towards me . She was a very good teacher . I remember about my life before . It was a most trying period . Things at home were getting from bad to worse . My pesky Dad was always cranky and his alcoholisme had become worse especially after his retrenchment . Mum was always temperamental as she could nor make ends meet with her meagre wages as a factory operator . I felt nasty and furlon when I thought about my family . There was not a single day when Dad was sober enough to pay any attention to me . The same went with Mum . She was too busy with her work that she would just brushed me aside without even saying hello everytime I tried to talk to her .

My grades at school kept falling . To make matter worse , I had no bestfriends nor siblings to share my hiccups . I felt impetous and demure in everything I did . I was one of the Form Three in SMK Jaya Bangau students and I dreaded coming home after school . Dad would come home late and shout abuses at Mum . After he felt asleep , I would hear Mum's stifled sobs . I could do nothing to repose the situation at home and this caused me a great deal of torment and frustration . Itend to get impatient and short-tempered which gets me into hot soup with my parents . "Why did I have such parents ? Why can't I have a bis , contented family ?" , I used to mumble to myself . I was wrathful at my parents for making me stressed and lived in agony .

It was at that point , Mrs Idza entered my life . A benevolent woman in her late forties , she was my class teacher . A vigilant woman , she quick to heed a change that came over me . One fine day , during recess , I was standing alone at one corner in the canteen when Mrs Idza spotted me . She gestured for me to follow her . We headed to the library where she beckoned me to take a seat next to her . I sat noneless with my head crooked . "Tiya" , she called softly . I lifted my head and looked right into her calm eyes . I saw the warmth , the love and the compassion in her comely eyes . I felt tears stirling my eyelids and tried to blink them away . However I could not . The river of tears started flowing down my rosy cheeks . My cries had heighten her anxiety levels . She held my hands tightly and waited . After I had finished , she asked me if I wanted to confide in her and tell her my plight . I poured my heart out . I told her everything . She listened intently with a patient of a saint . At the end of my story , she gave me a lesson on life and its ups and downs . As I heard her talk , I felt cajoled and my awe for this woman grew . My perception altered . Before this meeting , I felt I was nonentity . As the meeting progressed , I felt different . I knew Mrs Idza cared for me . Finally , there was someone who really cares about me and willing to be my bestfriend .

On the days followed , Mrs Idza mad it a point to discuss my work at school . For the first time in that year , I felt like I was wirthy of being loved . Things at home were quite the same but there was a solemn change in me . The end-of-year examinations approached . Two weeks after the exam , Mrs Idza proclaimed to the class that I was the high-fliers in the class . As I looked at her , I felt a sudden surge of joy . It was a momentous day in my life . Now , I realised that every cloud has a silver lining and here , I learned how life must go on and this taught me to be more matured for my future .

Now , I have a family of my own with three lovely daughters . They never got a chance to know their grandparents as my parents had long passed away . I had forgiven both my parents and now , I am concentrating to give all my love and attention to all my daughters . The love and attention that I never got from my parents . Hopefullt , I too can be a great mother and teacher to my daughters as Mrs Idza did to me . "Mrs Idza , thanks for being a good teacher for me . Here , I send you a book with a title , 'My Life With Mrs Idza' , written by myself as a great gift for you as a Teacher's Day present ." I then write it on a piece of nice card and mailed it with the special gift for my beloved teacher . I Love You , Teacher !

total marks : 46/50 (alhamdulillah :D)

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